Hudson Valley 3D Printing

Hudson Valley 3D Printing

Hudson Valley 3D PrintingFrom fabricating radical new sneaker designs to manufacturing incredibly light prosthetic limbs, 3D printing is generating exciting new products and new jobs with the click of a button. 3D printing is a multi-billion dollar business that’s revolutionizing the world around us.

HV3D evolved out of a desire to release the technology from being trapped or hidden within the confines of one classroom or by one professor. The initiative was designed to accelerate the use of the technology by both concentrating heavily on ensuring access to the equipment and technical expertise by a wide range of potential users and focusing greater attention on elevating technical knowledge of the practical application of the technology (new product development, parts produced, models created, etc.) This shift away from concentrating solely on research and development, and moving toward building a vast, rich knowledge base feeds both the growth of today’s (and future) STEaM workforce needs and allows for easier access to the technology itself (and expertise on applying the technology) by business owners.

HV3D brings together a community of 3D printing experts, private and public investors, academics and entrepreneurs to democratize the technology and knowledge surrounding digital design and fabrication; thereby, unleashing the full potential of this technology for the benefit of the Hudson Valley. HVEDC selected SUNY New Paltz as the “home” for HV3D, because the college was the perfect fusion of an interdisciplinary approach to the technology between the fine arts and science and engineering, which goes right to the heart of understanding how to best employ 3D printing technology.

HV3D established the Hudson Valley Center for Advanced Manufacturing at SUNY New Paltz, which led to the creation of the nation’s first MakerBot Innovation Center and the upcoming establishment of an Engineering Innovation Hub. In 2015, HVEDC was awarded a Business Facilities Economic Development Award for spearheading the development of HV3D in the magazine’s Achievement in Innovation Hubs category. Also in 2015, HV3D was selected by the International Economic Development Council as a Gold Award Recipient in the category of Regional and Cross-Border Collaboration for Population Centers Greater than 500,000.

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