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Looking for a place to bring your business? The Hudson Valley is home to a strong workforce and boasts a variety of incentives. With its proximity to NYC and major transportation hubs, excellent quality of life and economic opportunities, the Hudson Valley is a prime location to enhance your business.


The Hudson Valley region is fertile ground for tapping into a well-educated workforce, with 43 percent of the region’s population (25 years and over) holding an associate’s degree or higher. Business owners benefit from an abundance of higher education campuses covering more than 30 colleges and universities from throughout the area, all armed with a myriad of job training, internship and direct consultation programs designed to maximize workforce development opportunities for local companies. That is why many counties and metro regions within the Hudson Valley have experienced some of the fastest rates in private sector job growth in New York State, trailing only to Long Island, and why the region’s workforce capabilities are second to none. Bottom line, the Hudson Valley is ready for your business.

Read the New York State Department of Labor’s Division of Research and Statistics report, “Significant Industries,” which lists significant industries in the Hudson Valley region based on various criteria. Significant industries were identified on the basis of job counts, wage levels, job growth (both net and percent) over the 2009-2014 period, and expected job growth based on industry employment projections through 2022. Priority industries that may have been designated by economic development or workforce development officials were also considered.

Additionally, learn more from the below workforce resources in the region:


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